Utilizing Gap International’s Leveraging Genius technology in service of Apple’s mission

This video is me giving Apple free management consulting feedback that a previous employer of mine valued around $500 an hour.

Source: https://mission-statement.com/apple/

Gap International is where Pontish Yeramyan and her team taught me their Leveraging Genius technology.

Pontish Yeramyan, Founder and CEO of Gap International

Pontish, as well as her late husband Ara, were important teachers I studied under on my journey to becoming the Founder and CEO of iamhollywood pictures, and more recently the Founder and Executive Producer of The Nellie Bly Project.

It’s hard for me to express how grateful I was to work in service of Gap International’s purpose.

Suffice it to say that I would not be where I am today, were it not for the transformational impact Gap International’s work, especially #LeveragingGenius had on me.

In short, #LeveragingGenius is part of me now.

I continually leverage the genius around me, and make no mistake, everyone has genius.


Make no mistake… it was ‘effing freezing out there that morning 🙂
This sh*t is priceless to me. Must see if I can find my friend, Stuart. And I MUST share this with President Barack Obama.

The next time you see someone who doesn’t have a permanent address, please try to remember, that people in this situation, are just that… people in a situation.

Please do what you can when people ask you to help them.
Please do what you can to help.
Please help.

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