An open letter to the leadership team at Mindstrong

Dear Mindstrong leadership team:

I am a seasoned IT project leader who has spent most of his career working in finance.  I am in the process of transitioning to working full-time in mental health care.

I am a board member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the AFSP, and I am working with John Madigan (VP of Public Policy) to leverage my relationship with Vice President Biden to benefit suicide prevention.  (I was high school teammates with Beau and Hunter Biden.)

I am a Zero Suicide champion working with Dr. Tracy Gaudet, the Executive Director of the National Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation at the VHA to propagate the Zero Suicide framework via GetWellNetwork’s interactive patient care system.  GetWellNetwork’s platform is already installed in over 40 VHA facilities and the company’s CEO, Michael O’Neil, is one of my closest friends.

I am an acquaintance of Karan Singh,’s co-founder.  I signed up for months ago, and discovered a critical software defect that was likely impacting users struggling with racing thoughts.  Several weeks later I met Karan in San Francisco and he told me about Dr. Insel’s interactions with the team at

I am a suicide attempt survivor who had a near death experience in 1998, who is committed to causing the suicide rate to go down.

I am writing because I want to help Mindstrong transform behavioral healthcare in this country and beyond.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with some or all of you about how I might be able to do this.


Francesco Bellafante

Francesco Bellafante
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Philadelphia Chapter Board Member
Zero Suicide Champion
Theory of Mind ~ leveraging the genius of Einstein to end suicide and to maximize well-being


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