National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Last Friday was National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, and I had the pleasure of spending it meeting and speaking with some wonderful people at the world renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  A fellow American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Greater Philadelphia Chapter Speakers Bureau volunteer and I shared important information about the problem of suicide in children and young adults, as well as about the various training programs and resources that the AFSP provides to healthcare professionals, educators and the general public.  I was inspired by the people I met today and their sincere desire to make a difference in doing what they can, to help people struggling with suicidality.  I look forward to participating in additional events at CHOP in the near future!


Tim Ferriss Gets Personal About Suicidal Ideations

Tim Ferriss has long been a role model and inspiration to me as far as self-actualization.  He wrote an extraordinary blog post this week about his own personal experience with suicidal ideations while a student at Princeton, and he offers his insights on the subject.

I commend and congratulate Tim on sharing his story, and I hope that I can enroll him in the idea of the two of us having a “frank talk about suicide” in the near future.

Some Practical Thoughts On Suicide by Tim Ferriss


An Open “Ask” to @instagram to Become a Suggested User

An Open “Ask” to @instagram to Become a Suggested User… because Instagram, the Instagram community, especially the Philadelphia one, and seeing and sharing photos bring me so much joy, and because  every single picture I take would never have existed if I had not been so fortunate just over seventeen years ago.  Photography means more to me than I ever imagined that it would, and I know that this is just the beginning for me with regards to  this creative art.  For the time being however, digital photography is a hobby that I am so happy to be so passionate about.  My focus is working to reduce the suicide rate, and Instagram is unquestionably the social media platform where I already have the largest number of connections, and becoming a Suggested User would likely increase my number of followers by an order of magnitude or more I believe.  I also believe that people who hear what I have to say about my experience leading up to and since my suicide attempt, will lead them to be more likely to seek help instead of attempting suicide.  I know my pictures inspire some people, having nothing to do with the fact that I am a suicide attempt survivor, but that information is in my profile, and it’s simply a game of numbers.  The more people I reach, the more people I can help, and someone at Instagram could push a few buttons and turn my nearly 1500 Instagram followers into 15,000, which sadly is less than half of the number of Americans that died by suicide last year.

If you’d like to follow my photography of mostly pictures of Philadelphia and its inhabitants, please follow me on Instagram.

My username is @iamphiladelphia


Flippin’ dawn’s early light from last Sunday #dawn #sunrise #iamphiladelphia #igers_philly #BenFranklinBridge #flip #flipagram To those who work at @instagram thanks very much for creating, maintaining and letting me use this application… for free!  I’m going to start making and posting videos outside of IG, aimed at reducing the suicide rate very soon. I would appreciate more than words can describe, the largesse of being made a Suggested User in order to dramatically increase the chances of providing potentially life saving information (lessons learned as a result of being a  suicide attempt survivor) to more people, more quickly. I was a follower of two other Philadelphia IGers (@billycress & @kylehuff) before they became Suggested Users because their photography inspired me, and I saw what happened to their follower counts, once they were suggested. Having nothing to do with my cause, this application has literally changed my life by stoking my interest in photography.  I cherish this hobby like none other in my life. Thank you again for doing what you do. Francesco  Cully, I don’t think you’re even on Instagram so I will share this to Facebook as well, for you. Thinking about what Tom Brokaw said back at graduation, you remember… It’s easy to make a buck, it’s harder to make a difference. We need your help… Go Irish! Don’t know who you know, but thanks again bud. balls #secondchances #makingadifference #grateful #gratitude